Meet the Team


Scott Pidgeon

Co-Owner/ Coach of CrossFit 725 | Bachelor of Kinesiology

I have always had an interest in how the body moves and why it moves certain ways ever since I was young. This curiosity led me to attend Brock University and complete my Bachelor of Kinesiology, which led me into the fitness workplace. After doing 7 years of performance training in a normal gym setting I was introduced to CrossFit and got more and more intrigued by it as time went on.

In 2014, I attained my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and opened up CrossFit 725 located in Oshawa. Over time I grew more and more in love with the sense of community that CrossFit brings along with the camaraderie and work ethic that comes with it. Everyday athletes are in the gym encouraging each other and congratulating each other on their workouts, which is a pretty cool thing to be a part of!

We really focus on technique first, and the work capacity will come as time goes on. I feel as if it’s very important to look at the body as a whole system, meaning if there are musculoskeletal imbalances in one area of your body, they could absolutely affect another part of your body based on compensation. Joint mobility, Joint stabilization, proper joint angles, and energy output are the main focus in our box and we really feel that if you stick to those principles than your progression will be very consistent with very significant decrease in injury!

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Brock University
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • 10 years of Fitness/Training experience
  • 8 years Experience in Physical Rehabilitation
  • Certified Personal Trainer 


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Tyler Phillips

Co-Owner/Coach at CrossFit 725

Growing up I was always heavily involved in sports. Being active, as well as being part of a team has always resonated a lot with me. In my senior year of high school I stopped playing sports to focus on school. I became less active, and ultimately felt like something was missing.

Shortly after, my cousins introduced me to CrossFit, and my initial experience was probably similar to most. I got my butt kicked, felt like I was way more out of shape than I thought, and was immediately hooked.
In 2013, while I was in college, I obtained my CrossFit L1 Certification and started working at a CrossFit gym right away. After finishing school, I started working full time as a coach, which gave me more opportunities to coach classes, write workout programming, run team training sessions, and run personal and group training.
My style of coaching and running classes is focused around the idea that coming in and exercising can actually be a great time. That anyone can do CrossFit, and that it most certainly isn’t exclusively for the ‘elite’.
Making people laugh, joke around, build relationships with one another, and get into great shape in the process is what it’s all about for me!

Katie Woodcock


I have been an active individual for as long as I can remember. Growing up I played all kinds of sports, but focused most of my attention on softball. I was fortunate enough to earn a softball/academic scholarship to Campbell University, North Carolina as a pitcher/middle infielder where I also received my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.  I have worked as a Kinesiologist since then, in a combination of commercial gyms, Physiotherapy clinics and sport-specific training facilities. I am now currently completing my Masters in Health Sciences with a special focus in Kinesiology/Biomechanics.

I realized when I came home from North Carolina that even though I was still working out every day I could feel my fitness levels declining from what they once were. I didn’t feel motivated by fitness routines that were focused on improving how your body looks. Two years ago I decided to try CrossFit and have been excited to workout ever since! I love being able to focus on improving what my body is capable of, as well as feeling like I am once again a part of a team.